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The Volvo Cars Silver Spring team is excited to head into our holiday season, but as 2024 approaches, we're also looking to the upcoming year. It's hard not to, with the array of exciting plans Volvo has in store for the new year. From brand-new models to some updates for current ones, 2024 is sure to be a banner year for the brand. We've compiled just a few exciting things you can look for from Volvo in 2024.


As Volvo migrates away from internal combustion engines, the brand is releasing EV models for each segment. First up is the compact EX30. This is Volvo's smallest SUV ever, making it perfect for commuters, new drivers, and small families. Despite its small size, the EX30 features an estimated range of up to 275 miles and incredible charging times. Fun and functional features like a stylish soundbar audio system, Park Pilot Assist, ambient lighting, and smart storage to maximize space all contribute to this modern compact SUV.


Drivers craving a flagship experience in an all-electric package will love the full-sized EX90. This 7-seat SUV will have up to 300 miles of electric range, with 496 horsepower and generous standard safety features. Interior materials are responsibly sourced and deliver a lavish experience. Stunning displays for the driver information screen and infotainment offer brilliantly intuitive operation. Advanced lidar provides improved accuracy for driver assistance features like intersection collision assist and driver alert system.

Of course, these are just what we already know coming from Volvo next year. As 2024 progresses, we expect so many more amazing things. If you're ready to join the Volvo family for the upcoming year, contact the Volvo Cars Silver Spring team today. We'll keep you updated on the latest models and technology, so you can be the first to experience Volvo's latest innovations.